Personal device projects

Projects we create for our own usage but made public for you to use.

  1. ATtiny85 433Mhz transmitter with I²C
    This page is primarily for the dutch users, but can also apply for others because the protocols used is quite common and reused a lot. We have created a little script which does 433Mhz transmitting for some simple wall socket switches on a quite capable and nice little device, the ATtiny85
  2. Control your LED strip with your own build I2C-LTS-LC controller
    In this howto you will be able to build this custom controller and drive an Adafruit neopixel led strip with addressed LED's by the use of I2C commands. The supplied software has some fun functionalities build in.
  3. I²C Bus extender for the Raspberry Pi
    There are a lot, but really a lot of questions around there on how to make the I²C extends it reach. I²C is used on pcb's, VGA cables (EDID for getting display capabilities), and much more which has limited lengths. But I²C can also be used on longer distances. It takes some more effort, but it certainly can be done.

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