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It has been quite silent the last coupe of months. This was not without reason, if you want to know what the h**l this guy has been doing and other news read on!


Simple as that. In the beginning of this year i changed my role at my employer from Developer to Product Owner. This new role took a lot of my time which was costly for my PiDome project. But, time has found me again!

Client updates

As the android alpha users (Android client) probably already have found out, new versions of the clients have been released. The clients are based on JavaFXPorts by GLuon and recently the version has been updated. So the client also has been. With also another set of updates which includes:

  • Updated design,
  • Dashboard now tries to fit all the placed components set in the designer,
  • Updated UI,
  • More smooth color schemes,
  • Bug fixes, for example
    • gauge values are now readable,
    • Bigger slider thumb (so annyoing that small thing),
    • and much more..
  • Placed the PiDome logo on the connect screen, yay!
  • and much more,

Server updates

Of course the server should not stay behind! My "time off" has started to make me think. After reviewing my code i have been thinking like "Dude, this can be so much simpler and better". And yes, time will be spend to make the server simpler and better. I acknowledge issues with the automation rules sign in procedures, dashboards and plugin/hardware structures.

In the next two weeks i will be developing a new plan to tackle these and make the following changes:

  • Update the automation rules to be less memory consuming and make sure they stop causing dead locks:
    • The automation rules often stop working as they should, this is especially the case where multiple logical rules are nested within eachoter combined with time based equations.
  • The dashboard is very simple, don't you think. Let's professionalise this:
    • Tabbed dashboards
    • Remove that large header/spacer, and create control regions. Yes, group your controls visually,
    • Smaller grid, 90 by 90 based tiles at minimum, you users should really have more options there,
    • Expand all the control options! Yes, there are so much more possibilities....
  • The sign on procedures are so complex coded, this needs to be simplified:
    • It now takes into account three different sign on procedures, Web, Mobile and fixed. They should be unified.
  • Plugins and hardware support must be more simplified for other developers to jump in.
    • There are too much dependencies required before a plugin or piece of hardware works. This makes it really difficult to create these plugins or new hardware support options. These need to be reduced and documentation needs to be created on the website for this.

It will not stop with the above. But changes are needed to keep on going with a healthy environment. I still truly believe in the thought that everyone should be able to handle this automation project and i will continue this path with this project. It currently exists out of more then 100.000 lines of (custom) code. It won't be long to extend this to 200.000 with everything i have in mind. Growth and improvements are coming.

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Latest added technology

  • SMS
  • Z-Wave
  • PushBullet
  • PlugWise
  • MQTT

Some project stats

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