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As most of you already know i have become a very proud father of a new baby girl within 4 weeks! Well, not in four weeks off course, we just found it out 4 weeks ago! And yes, it was quite a road to take.

About six weeks ago I started with redecorating, rebuilding and refurbishing our living room what was part of a 4 month plan to do the whole house and integrate PiDome within the whole. Two weeks later we found out we where pregnant of a baby girl and she was already 34 weeks in our presence! We where thrilled with this news and this completely overhauled our plans for our house plans. We need to build a baby room and we definitely need to finish the house within 6 weeks.

Stalling PiDome development and support

Well, these kind of plans are there to be thrown out of the window as when a baby comes in such a short notice, planning does not work ;). This forced me to drop PiDome development but, try to keep up to date with emails and forum. Unfortunately my wife has to go to the hospital as she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia. With my wife at the hospital the pressure was quite on to get the baby room and the house done “yesterday”, take care of the family (There are three more kids walking around) and run my wife’s businesses. I had to drop everything not related to my family, including PiDome. The extra fun part is also it was a two week holiday season so my 5 year old did an amazing job in helping me out ;).

Let’s get born and go home!

One and a half week later and an average of three hours of sleep per night, my baby girl decided to be born (finally!) at 35.4 weeks and weighting a whopping 3 kilo. Imagine what she could have been after 40 weeks, right. The baby room was done as also about 60% of the house.

After 3 days my wife was home again and some last pushes to our limits and hospital trips we managed to get the house done for 95% when my beautiful baby girl got home.

Normal life continues as also PiDome bit by bit.

With my wife and baby girl both home we took our rest for a couple of days and as “normal life” is settling in we are picking up our normal routines. This means i will be starting to pick up PiDome from tomorrow as i today will be catching up. My wife’s and baby girl’s health are both amazing and she is already helping us out with our night rest.

My baby girl

Name: Kayleigh
Weight: 3025 grams
Length: 48 cm


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