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Everything around us is evolving, this means we can't stay behind. As our platform is beginning to grow and functionalities are added on almost a weekly base we have started to think about our designs.

The contest has been closed at 00:00 on Monday June 29th 2015. Winners will be announced on the 1st of August 2015.

One of the most important things in design is our logo. It identifies who we are and what we do. We believe that our logo, despite it really pops out because of the colors used, does not really fit our goals on what we want to achieve. Yes, it has an house displayed on it, but the PiDome platform is outgrowing this. It is starting not to be only to control your home, but it is starting to become a whole ecosystem. In this era of the Internet of Things, possibilities are becoming almost endless.

We are very clear in the fact that we are not User Interface and/or logo designers, we are more passionate in coding and make things work. So what we did is looking around for sponsors because we wanted to write out a small logo design contest. We have found our logo design contest partner who is willing to help us out with this, so we gratefully are thanking Dome Logics. This is our very first contest, so we had to keep the price small, but can give the designer of the winning logo a lot of exposure like conferences or even sometimes meetings with interesting parties. If you are willing to spare some of your free time, read on:

The contest

Create a name logo where there is a logo we can use as application icons and the name PiDome in a re-usable font. As mentioned earlier, PiDome is growing into being more then only letting users control devices, it has a rule system, proximity system and security, climate control, the IoT cloud interactions which will be added and there is a lot more coming! Create something that is future proof. The entries will be viewed by John, Marcel and Sandra.

The rules

As with every contest, there are some rules, which are:

  • The contest ends on Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 23:59.
  • The winner will be announced on August the first 2015 on the main website.
  • Everyone may enter the contest, amateurs and professionals,
  • Send as many designs as you like, it would be nice if you would send them in one go.
  • The logo and the name should primarily be usable as a whole, but also stand on their self,
  • The logo is preferred to be a SVG.
  • The font for the name is an open font free of rights, unless the license can be sponsored to us.
  • Any employee from Dome Logics or official team member from PiDome is excluded from the contest, unless there are no submissions.
  • You are not able to claim ownership on the logo, name logo, or any other graphical representation of your creation including prohibiting re-usability by us for any purpose we desire, but, you should tell everyone it is created by you, so will we.
  • The winner is referenced with a link to their website.
  • You are not bound to our current used color schemes (why will become apparent soon after the contest).
  • Have fun in creating it!

The price(s)

  • You will be the very first owning a t-shirt with your logo created on it.
  • Our eternal gratitude,
  • Name and reference to an online entity in/on:
    • Our website with (a representative) photo if you want,
    • A blog article on our website, telling who you are, what you do,
    • PiDome server and official clients,
    • Name and link on the t-shirt (on the back at the bottom),
    • Presentations where applicable.*

How to contribute

Send your entries to (contest is closed, no email address available) with subject “Logo Contest” including your full real name, contact data, your design in a zip/tar file including the logo svg and namelogo with font. Supply a png file next to the zip file with the full logo as you have pictured it used so it is easier for us to get the whole point.

Cheers and have fun designing!
The PiDome team.

* This will be applied for a limited time, but for at least 6 months (regarding presentations).

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