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I have to admit, the current Android phone client is my first serious piece of software written for Android. And with a lot of first attempts, it fails to deliver. So does the current client. Because of this i have decided to replace the current client with a completely from scratch written new client.


As said, the current client does not deliver what i want it to deliver. Next to this, i also want to provide a write once deploy anywhere phone client, meaning that instead of maintaining multiple clients, maintain one client which runs on different mobile phone OS’es. This makes sure the graphical interface is exactly the same on these different devices. The only thing to maintain is how different OS’es/devices store user data, detect network, etc…


I will be using a development platform i’m very convenient with which is JavaFX. There are major efforts being done which enables running JavaFX on mobile devices which is done by a group of very skilled developers. The project is called JavaFXPorts and is the project i use to create the client. This project makes it possible to create applications for both Android and IOS. Yes, this means that when it is possible for me to do so there will also be a version for the IPhone!

I will begin with focusing myself on Android as I have no IOS device. But when it is possible, it will be started with.

Current status

The status of the new phone client is alpha and is under heavy development. The current Android phone client will not be getting new features but will be maintained with any issues found until the new client has at least the features the current client provides. To follow the development of the new client you can follow this topic on the forum:Replacing the Android phone client. This topic also has a list of features that will become available.


Some screenshots of the new phone client as it is now:


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