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At the 31st of December 2015 we will feature freeze PiDome, this means the road to BETA releases is being paved.

We have been building expanding the PiDome Server based on all kind of feature requests from users. When you look at the server almost 90% comes from user requests. We think this is an amazing accomplishment! But, this also caused very quick programming to get things working and breaking when combining all these functionalities.

To get a stable system we will be feature freezing the PiDome server at the 31st of December at 23:59 (GMT+1 military time). This does not mean we won't be accepting any feature requests, but these will be moved to version 0.2 when these requests are made after the previous mentioned date. We have our own internal features list which will also still be completed for version 0.1.

So what does this mean? Plain and simple, until at least the 31st of December all builds are marked alpha.This alpha status remains until all made feature requests have been build in. When the latter is done all builds will be marked BETA.
The BETA roadmap is meant to stabilize all the build in features and correct routines which could have been implemented better and make the server more future proof. This also means that the release cycles will be broadened. With the Alpha releases every time a feature is build in, a hot fix is made or some internal routine has been updated a release was build. When we start with the BETA's we will only release a new build when we reached a component stability check including all depending components.

We will announce when the first BETA has been released and as always, we need your help! After the release of the first beta we would like you guys to bombard us with all the quirks you encounter!

Stay tuned as when we start with BETA releases we also will introduce other cool stuff!


Please post your feature requests at: https://bitbucket.org/pidome/pidome-server/issues?status=new&status=open where these will all be looked at, prioritized and planned!

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