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Back from the holidays, added a forum and upcoming image

Today got back from a small holiday leave which really was needed.I hope you all had some nice weeks with last years Christmas and had a safe and good New Years eve! So i'm busy getting settled again and catching up with emails and requests, give me a day or two to be completely up to date again. Let's start with some news.

Some news

The last couple of weeks i was getting emails and questions like is there a forum, do you have a forum, etc.. But because of some restrictions it was not possible yet to provide one. Today i had a nice talk with a sponsor who is willing to help us with the project and has provided some web space for us to do a lot of cool stuff with.

So, Today i started with setting up a forum at The DNS change has been made but it is possible not everyone will be able to access the forums yet so give it 24 to 48 hours to appear it for you. Use this forum for all your requests, support and other needs.

Let’s continue with some upcoming plans:

Upcoming plans

But that’s is not the only thing we can do on the space we got. As some of you know we are planning to provide a platform for sharing devices. We can now start to plan this feature! This means that when PiDome has hit Beta we will not only start with the development platform, but also with the online platform. This means that when you create a custom device in the server to work with a specific driver or plugin, you can make someone else happy with your created device. Some examples:
The MySensors driver is build on 100% custom device compatibility. So when you created some cool hardware and created a custom device for it, you can share that specific device with others to use.
When a new device is available for the RFXCom driver, You can create a device for it on the server and share it.

The current Android phone client does not meet my requirement to be a good and stable client to be used on a phone, so this will be getting replaced by a new client which does and will provide a bunch of new features.

But the most important one is of course to get PiDome in Beta. The feature requests for the current alpha builds have been frozen. So the current requests are going to be build in and when they are all done work onto the Beta.

Is there more news?

Yes there is, but these will be announced when appropriate. Make sure to follow us at Twitter or Facebook to stay up to date.

Again, happy new year to all of you, I’m very excited in what 2015 can bring and can’t wait to share it!

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