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Feature freeze at 31st of December 2015 and BETA information

At the 31st of December 2015 we will feature freeze PiDome, this means the road to BETA releases is being paved....


Welcome to our brand new

We are proud to announce the redesign and launch of our brand new website. We have been thinking it really was about time to put scattered things toge...


Added scripting support for text based serial devices

Today we announce that we have added scripting support for text based serial devices. With this scripting support it is possible for makers to embed t...


Responses on the PiDome client and upcoming work on it

As we know the server does not yet has a full API available and not that much of hardware support. But man, what a responses did we get from the commu...


Glued the interfaces together, alpha version downloads available

As you probably have read in the forum post "Time to glue the interfaces together" We need to create a coherent interface between clients we publish, ...


Time to glue the interfaces together

One of the main goals with this project is to create a coherent user interface on clients so that the control of the devices, plugins and other compon...


Development progress update 23-06-2015

Hi all! It has been a while since the last development progress update and it is about time there i one again. A lot has happened the last couple of m...


Baby girl born, our road to expansion

As most of you already know i have become a very proud father of a new baby girl within 4 weeks! Well, not in four weeks off course, we just found it ...


Scenes added to the server

There has been a lot of silence lately on the blog posts, but this does not mean we are at a stand still. The opposite is true! We are working hard to...

Logo design contest

Everything around us is evolving, this means we can't stay behind. As our platform is beginning to grow and functionalities are added on almost a week...

Replacing the Android phone client utilizing JavaFXPorts

I have to admit, the current Android phone client is my first serious piece of software written for Android. And with a lot of first attempts, it fail...


Our JavaFX future and a simple photo frame client for the Raspberry Pi

A lot has happened recently regarding JavaFX for arm based devices. Oracle has redrawn their support (their VM) for JavaFX on these devices. Which is ...


Back from the holidays, added a forum and upcoming

Today got back from a small holiday leave which really was needed.I hope you all had some nice weeks with last years Christmas and had a safe and good...

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  • SMS
  • Z-Wave
  • PushBullet
  • PlugWise
  • MQTT

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