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This is not a large post but merely a status update.

A coupe of days ago i started with the JSON-RPC engine and it is going quite well. The engine is being developed in such a way i only need to add an interface, a wrapper and functional specifications to expose methods. Of course only “public” methods are exposed like commands to be send to devices, devices adding/removing and editing. Eventually all these kinds of methods will be exposed and available through raw socket and an http endpoint.

At the moment of writing a couple of methods have been exposed and are available via the JSON-RPC specifications page. I wished i already had some more methods exposed earlier but while creating the engine i realized i have to change things in the server internally, but now with a lot of things changed i hope to get more and more methods done very soon.

Until i have also changed to client to follow this new RPC approach the server will be broadcasting the two different broadcast structures which are the “old” and the new RPC method.

I hope that when the server will be going to be reaching a beta stage others will be encouraged to also build a client if they think our client is not applicable or want to target other platforms.

The JSON-RPC specification pages will grow as methods and/or broadcasts are added to the server.

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