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The last 2 weeks some little progress has been made. We have squashed some bugs, made the server and client more stable with the current features, and the web service has become a LOT faster. Also our tasks lists at bitbucket (server and client) have become a lot smaller, more then 10 tasks/issues have been resolved. Because we are creating the software in our spare time, the progress we wanted is not as far as we hoped it to be at this moment. So Marcel and I have decided to come together, and code our ### off.

So, for the couple of days we have the following tasks set which are tasks defined at bitbucket:


  1. Finally start with the event system with some simple event triggers based on time and incoming data from sensors, and of course have commands sent to devices when needed.
  2. Start with the media plugin base and begin writing the XBMC plugin for XBMC version 12, connected with of course the event system.
  3. Support Marcel with Server drivers for his hardware devices.


  1. Finalize the base functionalities with the adafruit led strip with a ldr and temperature measurements controlled by an arduino boot loaded atmega chip, which communicates with the pi through i2c.
  2. Create an initial hardware interface with an hall effect sensor, so he knows when for example when a door is open or closed. done with an ATtiny chip and also through I2C with the pi.
  3. Create a little relay switch board for switching appliances with an ATTiny through I2C.
  4. When there is time left some PIR sensoring stuff for detecting movement.

As you can see, a quite large wishlist for the next four days. We hope to initial have some extra hardware, event triggers and we can control our XBMC installation.

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