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The last week Marcel and I where discussing when we would do our first PiDome Domotica/Home automation release, and if we should do nightly builds en RC releases. We decided to go through with this. When we start with releasing our software and hardware, we will start with early nightly build releases, let input come in, build features, feature freeze, release release candidates and then real releases. And of course after every release continue building the software.

But before we can start releasing there are some things we need to do. To create nightly builds we can off course test and then compile the software, create a zip file, give it a date of build, and upload it. Or automate it, so i installedJenkins (the previously called Hudson) which can take care of the tasks. Maybe a little bit on the heavy side, but we do not know yet how big our little project will be. Well, we hope, BIG. Because we are already splitting up parts of the server software it already is proving itself.

.As of the current moment we still do not know when we are going to throw any release into the open world. We are now trying to finalize features we want to implement in our first stable/unstable nightly releases, and our first release candidate. And, instead of blogging that we do not know when we release what, we opened our tasks list so you can follow our progress, our found bugs and longer term features we want to implement. We have defined tasks and features, which are the enhancements on bitbucket, in the following way until the first nightly will see the light:

  • Tasks are the items we want to include in our first to be released nightly releases. So before we release any nightly, all the tasks have to be done with the occasionally bug that is found during testing.
  • Enhancements are the items we will start to implement after we have done our tasks, and have begone releasing nightly builds.

We have done this this way because that as soon as the software will be available, we have a minimal set of features to use and off course for the willing, to test. Our task lists is available on these links:

At this moment we do not have a task or feature freeze because we just started to finalize our minimal demands a couple of days ago. We hope to have the list done by the end of this week.


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