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Done setting up new website image

Yesterday we decided to move our quite static page at to (also the new destination for

Today we finished the setup we wish to use and hopefully added some structure to everything. Not all the pages are filled yet, but will be done in the next few days/weeks.

Allthough we moved, some pages will stay on bitbucket, these are: Bug reporting, feature requests and the wiki’s. We have different sections for our projects though:

Our posts seem old, well they are but the dates are set accordingly our old static page updates (sorta). We hope the wordpress site does better then our old static page where we didn’t really updated regurarely and did not even did enough trouble with show it to the world. With this setup we will besides developping and coding do also some trouble to blog and do some regular updates.

Keep in mind that these projects are being developped in our spare time, and we also need to keep up with our work and families.

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Latest news/blog

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Latest added technology

  • SMS
  • Z-Wave
  • PushBullet
  • PlugWise
  • MQTT

Some project stats

Open Hub project report for PiDome Platform


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