Blog/News in August, 2013


How to build in Jenkins using Netbeans and Mercurial DCVS on bitbucket

As posted earlier, we use the combination as mentioned in the title to create an automated build system so we can do nightly,RC, and final build relea...

Start building towards releases

The last week Marcel and I where discussing when we would do our first PiDome Domotica/Home automation release, and if we should do nightly builds en ...

Raspberry Pi monitor - display resolution "problems"

Now that the client and the server are in sync, saying that the server functionality is represented in the client. I was thinking it's time to begin w...

Working with "heating" and "cooling" light colors

Coloring your house with light is just a thing that is a matter of taste. Some like deep red, others like light purple or green. There are two things ...

Added some screenshots

I have added some screenhots...

Some global progress

What is a blog without progress, because of the hastle keeping the static page updated we didn't do a lot. So in posting i want to show some progress ...

Done setting up new website

Yesterday we decided to move our quite static page at to (also the new destination for

Latest news/blog

Friends of PiDome

Products for teams, from startup to enterprise
Webshop of the most prominent dutch tech magazines
Home-automation hardware manufacturer
Affordable 433Mhz RF transceivers

Latest added technology

  • SMS
  • Z-Wave
  • PushBullet
  • PlugWise
  • MQTT

Some project stats

Open Hub project report for PiDome Platform


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