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Some web interface glimps image

We are also developing an integrated webservice, below some screenshots


This image shows:

  • An overview of devices
  • Some added devices have no location, but some have
  • Not shown, but devices are defined in xml, a xsl sheet creates the web interface (server side)
  • It shows a device opened and ready to receive an action like turn on or turn off



This image shows:

  • One installed package, when clicked details are shown
  • A couple drivers this package delivers and creator details when clicked
  • A couple devices this package delivers with creaor details when clicked
  • It shows the plugins the package delivers (plugin system not ready yet)




This image shows:

  • In green highlighted in which current state the system is
  • An opened alternative system state, which is automatic triggered by a time setting
  • When clicking on activate a popup opens so you can manually set a system state and override the current one.

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Latest added technology

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