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Today a next big little thing is available in the server, client connection authorizations. This means that when in the configuration file client authorization is turned on, you now not only can use the console to authorize clients, it is also available on the web interface.

This option can be found at:  Server > Manage clients.

Previously when this option was turned on, there could be only one device authorized at a time. It is now possible to connect multiple clients at the same time. You will be represented with a list of clients which needs authorizing.

Below a screenshot of a client which needs authorization


By clicking the button Approve the client will be able to further connect with the server enabling receiving statuses and sending commands, thus resuming normal operations. When clicking disapprove a message will be send to the client showing it has been disallowed to connect and the connection is closed.

The next screenshot shows the above client approved


Within this list you can send a message to a client, or disconnect it. Messages are not yet displayed in the client because the client does not have the messaging routines ready yet.

The above list will not only show clients which has been approved, but all the connected clients. So when the needs approval option has been set to false, connected clients are shown.

The option to approve connecting clients can be found in the file: /config/system.xml, follow the xml tags until you are at: config > clients > displayclients > needsAuth. By default this is “false”. When set to “true” you will have authorization enabled. You will need to restart the server to let it work.


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