Triggers added to the server with device based interactivity


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Triggers added to the server with device based interactivity image

Yesterday we could start including the trigger system in the PiDome server. With the trigger system it is possible to let actions occur based on device in- and output, plugin in- and output, system states and user presences. Currently only device output is supported in the nightly builds but all the previous options will eventually be included.

With this trigger system real interactivity is added without user interactions needed, when everything is supported you can just name scenario’s where triggers will come in handy. Just to name a couple:

  1. When watching a movie and I press pause and room light intensity is below LUX, turn on the lights.
  2. When the system state is evening and outside light intensity is below LUX, turn on the living room lights.
  3. When some server values are passing a critical point, notify clients.
  4. When any <controllable/readable> value happens, execute .
  5. etc…

A personal example would be, as shown in the screenshot below, is that the server gives me some visual feedback on how the raspberry pi is utilized processor usage wise:


While i’m developing for the server and starting and stopping it,  press a lot of “F5” on the web interface, run tests, i get visual feedback through a blinkm led telling me when processor usage is medium high or low. Because my sd card ain’t that big i even get notified when i run out of card space.

As said, only device values and device actions are supported as of this moment. As the server progresses and features are added so will also the trigger system grow to what is meant to be, reacting on all kinds of events from devices plugins and system wise and send commands/notifications to all kind of different internal systems (server/plugins/clients/etc.).

[EDIT] 02-11-2015 Triggers are going to be phased out, as such no more information is being given[/EDIT]


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