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On the 12th of October we started to release snapshot builds of the PiDome Server. This and the next snapshot releases will first focus on I²C devices and functionalities on the raspberry pi. We will go to other functionalities as mentioned on our todo list as soon as possible. All though some functionalities are implemented while we follow the I²C route because of dependencies.

We have started to publish the server’s manual and have an installation guide available.

There is support for I²C devices, the I2C-LTS-LC Adafruit NeoPixel Digital led strip controller and BlinkM through the “Custom Devices” interface.

In this release you can expect:

  • Basic web interface, console interface
  • Adding/removing/controlling devices,
  • Edit locations and categories,
  • Add simple devices,
  • Control the Adafruit led strip, simple I²C devices and a BlinkM.

Important links:

Snapshots will be released regularly and mostly every night. When there are important or huge changes we will put an extra post for it.

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Latest added technology

  • SMS
  • Z-Wave
  • PushBullet
  • PlugWise
  • MQTT

Some project stats

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