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Upcoming updates/changes in the server and client

A few days ago Marcel and i sat together over thinking some stuff happening with the server and the client. And came to the conclusion some things hav...

Client connection authorization now available via the web interface

Today a next big little thing is available in the server, client connection authorizations. This means that when in the configuration file client auth...

Triggers added to the server with device based interactivity

Yesterday we could start including the trigger system in the PiDome server. With the trigger system it is possible to let actions occur based on devic...

Progress update of the development

It has been a while since we posted an update about our progress. So here it is....


Server snapshot releases are available

On the 12th of October we started to release snapshot builds of the PiDome Server. This and the next snapshot releases will first focus on I²C device...

First development release available next week

After being on the phone with Marcel this evening, we have decided to set a date to start with the development releases of the PiDome Server. ...

Java goes hard on the raspberry pi, so does PiDome

A couple of days ago Oracle has released Java 7 update 40. This release includes support for the Hard Float ABI for ARMv7 and also for ARMv6. Which is...


Progress update for controlling the NeoPixel led strip

Three days ago we finished our little NeoPixel led strip project, and we even got mentioned on the adafruit blog and twitter feed. And i must say, whe...

Little video showing PiDome controlling a led strip with an Arduino

As said earlier today we would post a video about the PiDome Server controlling the Adafruit Digital NeoPixel with 60 leds. Well Below is this little ...

I2C-LTS-LC device finished

You might wonder what this strange name stands for. Well it's quite simple actually. I2C-L(ux)T(emperature)S(ensor)-L(ighting)C(ontrol). And it's j...

Long weekend of coding

The last 2 weeks some little progress has been made. We have squashed some bugs, made the server and client more stable with the current features, and...

Why unit testing is good to show implementation flaws, and even speeds up development

One of the main tasks we are having is updating and adding unit tests. These unit tests we implement do not only test complete sets of code, but from ...


How to build in Jenkins using Netbeans and Mercurial DCVS on bitbucket

As posted earlier, we use the combination as mentioned in the title to create an automated build system so we can do nightly,RC, and final build relea...

Start building towards releases

The last week Marcel and I where discussing when we would do our first PiDome Domotica/Home automation release, and if we should do nightly builds en ...

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Latest added technology

  • SMS
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  • PushBullet
  • PlugWise
  • MQTT

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