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PiDome is an Open Source Home Automation platform developed especially for the raspberry Pi leveraging this little nifty credit card sized computer to a full Home Automation solution.
It is a powerful platform providing ease of use for non technical users with possibilities which power users expect.

Quick introduction

With the PiDome Home Automation/Domotica project we try to create a transparent home automation environment for the raspberry pi for end users as well as for developers and/or hobbyists. For end users we tend to create a controlled environment in such a way that every device, component or plugin is controlled in exact the same way.

For developers/hobbyists we provide a flexible API to program they’re own specific hardware and plugins in java or javascript and use a graphical device editor to create devices.

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Duke's choice 2014

Duke's choice award 2014

Honored to receive the duke's choice award in 2014, as the project was not half as far as it is now.

John Sirach

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